A Smile in the Mind
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Photography Book
(coming soon)

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Welcome to Green Bay
Ongoing project documenting
the residents & fans of
Green Bay, Wisconsin bay chets chair_v3.jpg wilton steve the owner 6_v3.jpg x Dan Wilton-1_v4.jpg

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Fake Fur
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Adidas Originals
A/W Lookbook

Hello Moto III

Photography zine
40 pages, full colour, saddle stitched
Packaged in a bespoke made die cut sleeve
210mm x 148mm, 115 gsm 19_v2.jpg 6_v2.jpg 10_v2.jpg copy_v3.jpg

ASOS (2)-6_v2.jpg copy_v5.jpg

Blue Movie
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Photography zine
48 pages, full colour, centre sewn
Packaged in a hand made, tie-dyed cotton sleeve.
210mm x 148mm, 115 gsm

Buy here for £10 including UK delivery 27_v2.jpg 2_v2.jpg

Meridian Dan
XL Recordings 7_v2.jpg copy_v4.jpg 2014-05-06 at 14_14_17_v2.jpg

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Charli XCX
Nylon Magazine XCX x Dan Wilton-1_v2.jpg XCX x Dan Wilton-1-4_v2.jpg copy_v7.jpg

Shabba & Dylan
Dazed Magazine

Fuck Off, I Love You
A collaborative project created with director Huse Monfaradi.
Fifty four face-contorting portraits of our dearest friends swearing at us.

Exhibited in Londonewcastle
September 2011 copy_v2.jpg

Arsenal - Chelsea
Snatch Magazine